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The Story of REI Assistant LLC
​Elsa Palmer-Oden officially started this company in 2011 when the need for quality, trained, US virtual assistants was presented to her. Elsa worked as a virtual assistant since 2005 and had already assisted several investors. She saw the need for investors to have potential leads called, yellow letter calls answered, PatLive calls returned and a way to keep everything an investor and Virtual Assistant does organized. With the support of some of the top real estate investors behind us, Virtual Office VA Staffing & REI Assistant were formed.

We are dedicated to providing your small business with exceptional administrative support with American virtual assistants. Our main focus is in real estate and working with investors & agents, however we are able to assist any small business with tasks that do not require a license or someone to physically be there. 

All your administrative needs can be met very cost-effectively and efficiently and kept in the US! 

Whether you are a Real Estate investor or small business owner, you have expertise in many aspects of running your business, but may need help managing the time consuming and often frustrating administrative details. That’s where we come in!


Your Success Is Our Priority Mission 
Your business success is our success. Working virtually allows us to offer clients value and flexibility by providing professional, consistent service that allows our clients to focus on growing their business.
With Virtual Office VA Staffing, you get trained, US, professional administrative assistance, when & only when you need it.
In 2018, Elsa co-authored a #1 Amazon Best Selling Book to better help investors.
Our Company Profile
Our assistants have over 20+ years experience in professional administrative support & customer service with 10+ years in real estate. We work with some of the top real estate earners and “gurus” in the country.

We take your company to the next level of success with U.S. virtual assistants!!

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