Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about our services

General Questions

Where Are The Virtual Assistants Located?

All of our virtual assistants are in the continental United States of America. We do NOT use any overseas assistants.

What Phone Number or Area Code Do You Call From?

We set you up with a local, to you, number. This number is designated to you and voicemail box can be customized for you. If you cancel, you can keep the number and just transfer to your own provider.

Can I Supply My Own Lead Sheet (Questions)?

We customize everything around your needs, therefore we can use any lead sheet questions and format you would like. We have some you can use or modify, if you don’t have one already.

Do You Put My Leads Into My CRM Or System?

No matter what CRM you are using (Dealflow, Podio, etc.), we can add leads to your CRM as long as you give access to program.

Can Appointments Be Scheduled?

Yes, just give access to your calendar and we’ve got you covered.

How Do I Access My Leads?

Leads are emailed to you daily. That are also in the internal website that we setup for you.

What Constitutes As A Lead?

A lead is any completed lead sheet. This includes “yes” and “no” to lease purchase questions and includes mortgage refusals.

When Using Outbound Service, How Many Leads Should I Expect To Receive?

This is based on the criteria area, but you should typically expect 5-7 seller leads per week (5 hour week).

How Much Should I Expect To Pay Monthly?

We do everything on a week to week basis, so services can be turned on and off as needed. Outbound service (5 hour min. p/week) is $140 p/week. Incoming service is $59 p/week for first hour. Additional time on either service is $0.42 p/minute. Marketing is $0.48 p/min. and Web is $0.68 p/min.

Do You Answer Incoming Calls?

Yes, we answer live calls from sellers & buyers M-F 9-8, Sat. 10-6, Sun. 12-6. We also make outbound calls to leads. All after hour calls are returned the next day.

What Makes REIAssistant Different From Other Services?

Virtual Office VA Staffing / REIAssistant.com

  • uses ONLY 100% US virtual assistants,
  • uses local numbers designated to you,
  • trains virtual assistants for handling buyer & seller calls, 
  • monitors virtual assistant time to avoid over billing,
  • sets up internal site for you to see everything virtual assistant is working on,
  • charges weekly, after the fact, so you only pay for time worked,
  • customizes everything around your business,
  • charges rates of untrained US virtual assistants (but they are trained!).

About Our Services

Outbound Call Services

Outbound FSBO research and calling to obtain real estate lead sheets. Also, calls to lists you supply or follow up calls to other leads.

Incoming Call Specialists

We answer & screen incoming calls from buyers and complete lead sheets on sellers.

We answer from 9am-8pm M-F, 10am-6pm Sat, 12pm-6pm Sun (your time zone).

Property Management

We answer calls from tenants for maintenance issues, contact tenants that are past due on rent, and more.


These services were created for our clients, based on suggestions from our clients, on their real estate business needs. We listened to our your needs and created a system based on what you need! We want to see you succeed and keep you in budget!

Web Services

You determine what coloring and styles you like and we will put it together. You purchase the domain name and hosting and we can handle the rest! You approve everything before going live. An average website takes 5-8 hours depending on what is needed. Updates are done as needed and requested.

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