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At REI Assistant, our marketing services are tailored specifically for our clients. We focus on real estate business needs combined with up-to-date social media training. Firstly, our goal is to ensure your success within a budget that remains manageable. Consequently, our marketing team is constantly enhancing their skills in social media marketing techniques to provide you with the best service in social media marketing and account maintenance.

Marketing For Investors & Agents

Regarding our offerings, all marketing activities are designed around your individual needs and budgetary constraints. For instance, we post both generic and specific property ads for buyers across multiple online platforms, as well as manage social media postings. Furthermore, our team is also committed to helping you maintain and expand your social media marketing accounts. Importantly, our billing is transparent and flexible at just $0.49 per minute.  This allows you to decide the amount of time per week you want to dedicate to marketing, with no upfront costs or monthly fees. We send weekly invoices for the actual time spent on your marketing efforts.

Moreover, we have a NEW Program that provides 3 hours of Social Media Posting and Site and Audience Building/Maintenance for $85 per week.

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Web Design, Updates, & SEO

In addition to social media marketing, our team assists in designing your marketing logos, websites, flyers, and more. Before starting, you will choose your preferred coloring and styles and purchase the domain & hosting. Afterward, we will assemble everything and await your approval before going live. Notably, an average website takes about 5-8 hours to set up, depending on the requirements. Updates are performed as needed and upon request, and we also link your website to social media to enhance traffic and attract clients.

In summary, our services are cost-effective and designed to save you a minimum of $1000 compared to traditional web design companies. Let our trained marketing professionals assist you with all your marketing needs, especially in maximizing social media engagement and effectiveness.

Samples of our client websites we did:

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Let our trained marketing professionals assist you with all your marketing needs, especially social media marketing and engagement.

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